Sunday, February 19, 2012


© Bonnie White,                                                    Brown and Blue Needlepoint Rug.

Bonnie White will show her needlepoint tapestry rugs and purses as the featured  attraction in  a group exhibit of various kinds of needlework, to be showcased at the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Greeley at 929 15th and 10th Ave. The opening reception for the exhibit will be on March 2 from 5-8 pm. continuing through March 25. The visual artists will be available between 5 and 6:30 pm to speak with the public. Jonathon Hofmann will perform at the Piano from 7 through 8 pm. The exhibit will also be open from 10:30 to noon on Sundays. Sponsored by Chalice Arts.


Sewing, crocheting, knitting, and tatting were the kinds of handiwork we did during the years of growing up my the Ohio home and visiting Pontiac, Michigan, where my mother’s  parents lived and I visited each Summer. 

Yes, there was cooking and cleaning too.  But when the weather was hot in the 1930’s,  no air conditioning was available, although a fan was used now and then.  We would use the porch to sit and do fabricating work.. 

My Grandmother and Great Grandmother would be busy with their needles while nearby I might be under a tree with numerous different sized dolls making clothes out of the materials that Grammie would pick up from the yard goods department.  These were good sized left over strips from the bolts of yard goods sold.  

One day she took me aside to show me how to embroider. She had purchased several squares of bonnet girls to do. I loved this, as it was like painting and when they were all done, Grammie took them and made a quilt for my twin bed. 

Mother showed me how to knit, but that was not artistic enough for me even though I marveled at all the argyle knitting she was doing. She showed me crotcheting and that was worse, as it was too slow. My Grandmother was very disappointed when I showed the same kind of interest in tatting, as it was slower yet.  One day in a department store, women were in a class doing needle point and as I watched I became interested, and thought I can do that, and took off doing needlepoint, and I have been working with tapestry type projects ever since.

The small purses (Moonbags) were needlepoint projects that I could take with me when we were taking trips by airplane, and then we purchased an RV, the larger pieces could be done while traveling around the country. Those were the days -not to be done again.

                                             Bonnie White

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