About Chalice Arts


The group formed in the summer of 2010, after several members of the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Greeley mentioned ideas they would like to be implemented as church activities and also for physical changes in the church, especially in the Sanctuary.

Many people expressed an interest in having art on the walls. Members who were talented in different art forms wanted to see more exposure of those media in the church. Creative expression was recognized as a Spiritual experience. A networking of people sharing their various talents was thought by many to be a means of stimulation and spiritual connection between each other and of fulfilling a meaningful purpose in the world.

Chalice Arts was formed to encourage spiritual growth through creative expression, by offering a confluence of art forms; Visual, Musical, Writing, and Performance Arts, open to both our members and the community at large. Different kinds of events encourage  dialogue between artists working in different art forms, and enables the cross-fertilization of ideas and inspiration between artists and with the community.

Public events are planned monthly, in one or more media categories.The group selected the name Chalice Arts, as the chalice is the symbol for UU Churches, and it seemed symbolic of the spiritual sharing and enrichment we are striving for.

Members of the group are those interested in the arts as creative and meaningful aspects of their lives, and most want the exchange of inspirational  ideas to be part of our church community. Members or the group do not have to be members of the church to take part in planning or in activities. Artists from the general public may take part intermittently by showing art work, performing their music, dance or creative writing (poetry, readings, one act plays,) offering workshops, speaking about their art forms, and other creative ideas. Planning meetings are usually held on the Second Tuesday at 9:30 am.

Ruth Zachary became the coordinator of the group, primarily by default,  because few people were able to give much time. One idea for having a once a month forum of Chalice Arts members has not yet been implemented because scheduling a single time that fits every member has been difficult. A writing group may be the first regular forum that will be organized. Much work has been arranged by people working on parts of the idea when they could participate, communicating by phone and by e-mail.

A way to hang the art safely was needed. A wall hanging system was the first goal, which was hung by Kent Smith, who is President of the UU Church Board. In the fall of 2010 the first exhibit of Art Created by UU Members, Present and Past was hung. This was followed in January by an exhibit of Ruth Zachary's work, Montage and Metaphor. 

 The  group decided a two month show schedule would allow more people to see the art. The first opening of an art exhibit would occur on a First Friday, and would include a "talk" and discussion between the artist and visitors. The alternate First Friday would follow the first with a different arts attraction, such as music or a performance, to offer a different experience for the public while the exhibit continued, allowing a second opportunity to view it. If art is sold, the artist is asked to donate 10 percent of the sale to the church to help with maintenance.

Although visual exhibits are planned, the approach is different than for a commercial gallery. Many exhibits will be expressions of church priority, such as a coming exhibit of Holocaust Memorial Events Posters, combined with butterflies made by school children to represent children living during the Holocaust. Because exhibits are in the church, benefits could be held to raise funds for local charities. Artists will be able to hang works that are not for sale, something they could not do in many commercial galleries. There are many available openings for visual artists and other kinds of artists as well. Check our calendar listings to see if there is an unscheduled event or exhibit date.

Inquiries are welcome. Call 970-378-0876  to arrange an appointment.

© By Ruth Zachary.